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PCD is a B2B eCommerce platform specializing in modern power conversion equipment like rectifiers, inverters, converters and UPS modules. Our aim is to provide you with substantial savings by offering direct access to the products and solutions that you need. PCD offers a hassle-free online buying experience, streamlining the procurement process.

As a seasoned systems integrator, we understand your power needs very well and have the means to address them. Our experienced staff is ready to assist customers with free systems design, configurations and product selection for (almost) any power project. We differentiate ourselves from other suppliers because we only offer high quality equipment that we know and trust. Most models that are available on the platform have been tested in our own projects.

Why Buy From Us

Free technical assistance

Free Technical Assistance

We are happy to provide you with recommendations that would ensure a successful system integration. Our experts can help you with technical know-how, integration tips and choosing the right products for the job.

Authorised Service Provider

Authorised Service Provider

Our Authorised Service Center is fully equipped to provide a wide range of power equipment services including warranty and non-warranty repairs, cleaning and refurbishment, firmware/software and hardware upgrades and more.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Ordering, Shipping, Support

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Ordering, Shipping, Support

Our company implemented an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The certification received from the German Certification Body of TUV Hessen is proving that customers get consistent, good-quality products and services.

Customer Testimonials

The quality of the products and of the provided assistance (starting in the moment of placing the order, all the way to the end - repairing services included) determined us to work with them again and again.


Senior Engineering Manager CEE

Liberty Global

They know their products from the inside out. The service is professional, the products are high-end, the delivery times as short as one can get.



T Com Group, Ltd.