Cordex CXC HP,  3U 19" Rack Mount LV


Cordex CXC HP, 3U 19" Rack Mount LV

  • Cordex CXC HP 19" 3U Rack Mount Basic package for 24/48V systems
  • It replaces the discontinued series Cordex CXCR and CXCP, P/N 018-557-20-xxx
  • Advanced next-generation control and monitoring platform for Alpha's Cordex product family
  • Can be used to upgrade existing Alpha systems from a legacy CXC controller to a CXC HP controller
  • The package contains CXC HP, L-ADIO and Redundant Power Input modules
  • High resolution color touchscreen LCD display with advanced local UI Integrated USB host for local firmware upgrades, configuration updates and system backup/restoration
  • Comprehensive graphical user interface for advanced system configuration
  • Seamless integration of multiple energy systems allowing comprehensive management, monitoring and control